ICBA 2019

6th International Conference on Behavioral Addictions

Information for Speakers and chairs

Guidance for Symposium speakers and Independent Oral speakers

All presentations must be made in the form of a digital presentation in English.
Please be punctual and carefully follow the allocated time limits.
When the presenter ahead of you takes the stage, please be seated in the Next Speaker seat.

1. PC Preview Desk

Speakers should preview their presentation and complete a run-through of the connection and operation at the PC Preview Desk.
Conference staff will be on hand at the PC Preview Desk to assist speakers.
The speaker's podium is equipped with a PC and speakers will asked to operate the presentation themselves.
After the congress, all presentation data installed on the conference supplied PC will be deleted.


The 3rd floor foyer at Pacifico Yokohama

Hours June 17, Monday 9:30am-6:00pm
June 18, Tuesday 8:00am-17:00pm
June 19, Wednesday 8:00am-2:00pm

2. Disclosure of conflict of interest

To ensure full transparency, any conflict of interest (COI), present of abstract is to be openly declared and identified at the beginning of every presentation to inform the audience.
Please use the templates provided for the declaration of the presence or absence of a COI.

Please download the COI slide templates below for the disclosures.

3. Allocated time

Symposia: Please ask the session organizer of your symposia.
Independent Oral Presentations: 12 minutes for your presentation, 5 minutes for Q&A.

4. Notes on preparing your presentation data

  • Set your slides to 16:9 (widescreen)
  • The resolution of the screen will be XGA (1920×1080).
  • Use only the standard fonts provided with Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.
    Virus scanning in advance is desirable.
  • Prepare your presentation on USB memory or on CD-R. Do not use CD-RW.
    Be sure that your files are compatible with Windows operation system, such as Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016.

5. Notes for speakers with their own PC

  • Remember to bring your own power adaptor and cables.
  • Your computer must be equipped with a Dsub-15 pin video output.
    (Same PCs may not have standard output terminals.)
  • Please prepare your slides with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • The PC prepared by the conference will handle Windows and Macintosh versions of Microsoft PowerPoint only.
  • Please avoid using Keynote.
  • In case of that you cannot connect to the projector provided by the conference, please bring a backup CD-R or USB memory containing the presentation file in a Windows or Macintosh version of Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Presenters are responsible for determining in advance whether their notebook PC is capable of outputting video to an external display. This is especially important if your presentation contains a large amount of data and audiovisual content.
  • All energy-conserving functions such as screen-savers, sleep/power-saving modes should be disabled on PCs to be used in the presentation.
  • Your password also should be inactivated.

6. Use of movie and sound system

The version for Windows Media Player will be 12, and movie file must be included in the SAME FOLDER as the presentation file.

Guidance for poster presenter

  • Poster materials should be prepared in English.
  • Poster presenters are expected to stand by their poster board at the Discussion Time, 2:40pm-3:40pm, June 18.
  • All poster boards will be assigned a number, This is the Poster Number.
  • Authors are required to mount their posters on the designated board and remove them during the specified time.
  • Please use push-pins to affix your poster presentation to the board firmly.
  • The Secretariat will provide equipment and items required for affixing the posters.
  • Any posters left after the scheduled removal time will be disposed of by the Secretariat.

Poster set up and removal schedule

Set up June 18 10:00am-2:00pm
Discussion June 18 2:40pm-3:40pm
Removal June 18 3:40pm-4:00pm

Poster board specification

Poster board

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

Your conflict of interest disclosure statement should be included at the bottom of your poster even if you have no conflict of interest to declare, your presentation must include the statement "I have no potential conflicts of interest to report."

Please download the slide templates for the disclosure below.

Guidance for chair

Chairs should take a seat in the front of the room especially reserved for the next session’s chair, at least 20 minutes prior to the session that he / she is scheduled to chair.

As there will be no announcement or cue, please proceeded to take the stage promptly at the appointed time and initiate the session. We request for your cooperation to ensure that your session proceeds according to the prescribed time limit / schedule.